Xiao mains discussion

Hi, I’m a fellow Xiao main, my college and online friends often ask me, how come my Xiao does way more damage than theirs? So, I’ll be discussing how to build Xiao in the best possible way in Genshin Impact.

Before you ask anything, here is my Xiao build:

  • Level - 90
  • Weapon - Primordial Jade Wing Spear (luckily from the standard banner)
  • Artifact set - 2 piece Gladiator’s (rest is random)
  • Crit rate - 68%
  • Crit damage - 172%

With this build, my Xiao can only do around 35K per plunge, and 22K dash(E skill). But with Bennet and Geo Resonance( Zhongli’s shield 20% defense shred included) Xiao does around 55K damage.

Wow, that’s great for a free-to-play player! I am not completely F2P, I just use a Welkin moon pass. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get lucky on the weapons banner during Xiao’s release. I am happy to get the Jade cutter(gave it to my Keqing) but my Xiao is still using the Blackcliff polearm. I have given him a 4 piece Vernescent Verner artifact set. My talent levels are 7-7-8. How can I increase Xiao’s damage output? Right now he is doing a maximum of 25K on his own and with Bennet’s ultimate it goes to 32K.

Nice, Blackciff polearm is the best 4-star weapon choice (before Deathmatch polearm of course). Firstly, for DPS characters high base ATK, means a lot. This is assuming you already have a good enough crit rate to crit damage ratio. That is why 5-star weapons are better than most 4-star ones because they provide a high base ATK. So if you can get your hands on the Primordial Jade winged spear or Staff of Homa, it would massively boost your damage output. Blackcliff is still okay though, use it till you get these 5-star weapons. Now as for artifacts, you don’t need to give Xiao a 4-piece Vernescent Verner set, just keep the 2-piece of this set and equip him with a 2-piece set of Gladiators or Noblesse Oblige. You don’t need the extra swirl damage provided by the Vernescent 4-piece because Xiao’s kit is not based on that. As for talents, they are okay if you are at adventure rank 45 but if you are above that I would say you should get them to 9 at least. If you do plan to use Xiao as a DPS, I would recommend crowning(talent level 10) his normal attacks and elemental burst. And of course, ascend him to the maximum. No need to level him up to 90 but just ascending him at level 80 will be a great help!

I don’t have Xiao’s signature weapon(primordial Jade winged spear) but I have Staff of Homa. I also just can’t seem to get any decent anemo artifacts! I have been farming for 3 weeks now, what other artifact sets can I give him to do some good amount of damage?

Staff of Homa is great on Xiao as well, give it to him! Haha, I get it, man. Even I can’t seem to get any good Vernescent Verner artifacts for him, that’s why I just have Gladiators. You could build him with 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale and a 2-piece Noblesse Oblige instead. Equip him with an Anemo damage bonus goblet and an ATK % sands. Try to keep the crit rate and crit damage ratio around 1:2. It shouldn’t be much of a problem as Xiao’s ascension stat boost is Crit rate and Staff of Homa will provide you with Crit damage, along with high base ATK!