Inazuma Speculation!

Hey fellow travelers! Mihoyo has indirectly leaked Inazuma’s release date by officially revealing the upcoming new Inazuma characters few weeks ago! As we all know Inazuma is going to be the third country/major region in Teyvat. A country means there’s going to be an insane amount of content and new features! Let’s discuss all that here! Data miners who post their work on Twitter (Sukhna, ab64 & dimbreath) are quite credible so we’ll be referring to their work the most. Info from them and extrapolating information from the present 2 countries(Mondstat & Liyue) we can make some fairly accurate guesses. Share what you thoughts about patch 1.7/2.0 here!

What a fun topic! The hype for Inazuma has been on the rise since a few patches now. A majority of the people who are patiently waiting for Inazuma are people who want and are saving their primogems for Ayaka. Well, she’s cool, can’t blame them, but I am personally interested in Inazuma to explore the Japan themed map! I’m an Otaku and nothing gets me more excited than exploring Japan’s cities and country towns. I know it’s not actually Japan but I can’t help but get excited! The architecture of Inazuma is surely going to be highly influenced by Japan’s. It might be like medieval Japan, guessing form the sneak peek in the previous live stream. The sights of cherry blossoms and Tori are going to be magnificent. But of course, it doesn’t end there, again from the livestream there were a lot of fantasy in the mix in these Japanese themed landscapes. It just might be the most beautiful region yet! I am hoping for some story or at least world quests related to Japanese lore and mythologies! I’m quite positive that the developers form Mihoyo will deliver us Inazuma with a good punch!

The community has high hopes for Inazuma, to say the least. Many content creators and veteran players quit Genshin Impact when 1.6 was released. Mihoyo didn’t let us down though, 1.6 has become one of the best patches thanks to amazing exploration (puzzles and mysteries) and a sweet story. Players are excited to know more about the Inazuma storyline and want to see some long awaited characters like Saramouche and Ayaka. The community is also speculating a “power creep” coming along with the new nation. But yeah, this is just a speculation, we can only be sure of this after the new characters come out. Here what I think will be some new content which would be added in 1.7:

  1. New experience pages in the hand book.
  2. At least 3 to 4 new world bosses.
  3. Electro traveller and new electroculus.
  4. New mineral ores, new weapon blueprints, etc.
  5. New furnishings based on Inazuma’s architecture.

A lot will be revealed in the 1.7 or 2.0 live stream, which should be on 9th June.

Guys I have fresh data mined content and leaks for the next 1.7 or 2.0 patch update! Brace yourselves! Here it goes:

  • New local food dishes
  • New Inazuma glider
  • Reputation system for Inazuma
  • New talent books and weapon ascension materials
  • Pyro hypostasis
  • Perpetual Mechanical Array (new world boss which might provide ascension mats for Ayaka)
  • At least 20 new enemies from Inazuma
  • New Inazuma background music
  • A new feature that lets you select when you want to do your commissions the next day
  • A new cross-save feature between devices