How to Choose MICRO Niche? ANY GUIDE?

How to Choose MICRO Niche? ANY GUIDE ?

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There is no guide needed. Just use some keyword research tools and find low competition keywords. Don’t trust the keyword difficulty provided by the tools. Instead research your own. You can start a micro-niche blog on anything from a Towel, to the Kitchen appliances.

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Here is a guide which I found on Google. Seems good.

Go for some profitable and high-cpc niches like Cloud hosting or Insurance. It can earn you good amounts even with low traffic. But the competition will be a little higher.

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Insurance niche has tough competition?

Yes. But you can still rank with quality content and few niche-relevant backlinks.

The easiest way is to think yourself and find one rare niche (the rarest.) Do a Google search. If you can’t find any tough competition. Go for it. But at the end of the day, it all depends on your hardwork.