How to be successful in

I have been a freelancer for a while. But I am not getting any good projects that pay better than a few bucks. I have been on the platform for a year as of now. Still not getting any good projects with big payments. I have bidded for almost 100 projects as of now, only a few of them got even accepted. And some of them are accepted later canceled by the client itself. How can I get bigger projects and be successful on the platform?

Being a successful freelancer depends on various factors. It is not always about the qualifications or the best projects you have than others. It also depends on how experienced you are in utilizing various tricks to attract clients and have them handover the project to you. With millions of Freelancers trying to get job from the platform every single day, it isn’t easy to beat all of them and get the project for yourself. So, here are the things you can make sure to be a successful freelancer in

1. Bid for the Right Project

Do not randomly spend your bids on focusing money. Be sure to bid on projects that meets your qualifications and you are sure that you can do it better than others. You should be able to complete the project with extreme quality and impress the client to get repeating projects again and again. You do not need hundreds of different clients to work with you. Even a single satisfied client can provide you a lot of projects over and over again.

2. Concentrate on Less Competitive Projects

Do not go for the projects where 100s of freelancers have already applied, unless you are confident that you are qualified better than any others in the list and can provide the project cheaper than any of them. It is better to start slow by accepting smaller projects first with low competition that matches your skills.

3. Get Positive Reviews

Build your profile slowly by satisfying the clients by delivering projects on time and working within their budget. Even a single bad review could decrease the overall rating from your account. I am pretty sure that you have already noticed those freelancers with 1000s of reviews and still manages to hold that 5 star rating on Freelancer. It is not easy to get that and you are competing with such excellent freelancers on the platform. So, always start with easier projects and gradually improve your profile with satisfied reviews from the clients.