Do cheat codes ruin a GTA experience?

Hey guys, don’t judge me, but I like the gameplay experience of Grand Theft Auto games with cheats. I think it makes the game much more enjoyable and less of a hassle to a casual gamer like me. What about those players who don’t like to like to use even a single cheat? What do you all think about this?

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Hey man, I totally get what you are saying. Cheat codes are so much fun! I guess casual gamers like us are just looking to play games for recreation and enjoyment. I don’t even think twice before using cheats. They are there because the developers put them there in the first place.

I feel cheat codes are the age-old tradition of Grand Theft Auto games. I would say that cheats actually enhance the gameplay experience of any GTA game. If you are around your twenties you would remember playing GTA: Vice City. Vice City was also my first game on PC so it’s kind of nostalgic.

The professional gamers or the gamers who take games ‘seriously’ are the ones you might be talking about. Sure there are players like that but I guess it’s just a personal preference. It’s your game and you paid for it, don’t let toxic people in the community spoil your fun. If you don’t know, when you start using cheat codes you will stop receiving “achievements”. Some players may value them more than gameplay using cheat codes.

I’m in full support of this. I’m honestly not a hardcore gamer, I play games regularly (whenever there is more free time in my life). That’s why I don’t like to stick with games that are trendy(and online) because when I am back to play after a few months, the game drastically changes and it feels like I’m just catching up with others. Rather I prefer single-player games much more. Playing at your own pace and enjoying the gameplay. Plus cheats just make the gameplay much easier and more fun. Seriously, it would be such a hassle to buy everything and buy weapons with ammo every time.