Can I Use Two VPN at the Same Time?

I was thinking about using two VPN services at the same time. Because both the VPN services that I am using has some bandwidth limits. So, I want to use the other VPN when the first one runs out of the limit. Is it possible to use them together?

Same Question for me too. Is it possible to use multiple VPNs on the same computer?

@MuhammedSwalih I think, you can answer this better.

It is not possible to use two VPN services on the same machine simultaneously. But yes, it is possible using some advanced technics like Split Tunnelling. For a beginner user, I don’t think it is an easy job. You can read more in this article

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But I don’t want to use them simultaneously. I will not run the other VPN service when the first one is already running. I will only access the second VPN after completely closing the first VPN. So is that possible?

In that case, you will be able to use them. The title was a little misleading. That’s why answered a different query. So, you can go ahead. If you face any problems in the connectivity. Stop all the services of the first VPN from the task manager before starting the second one.


Well, I’m using Opera’s built in VPN and also running ProtonVPN at the same time.

My IP geolocation is using Opera’s VPN. So the way I see it, which ever one connects first is the one your system will use. And if the first one drops, the second one just picks up. Running them at the same time (like running one VPN through another VPN) doesn’t seem possible unless you’re using two different nics and bridging them together some kind of way.