Black Screen Teamviewer: How to fix?


(Lakshmi Prasanna) #1

There are several reasons why your Teamviewer session shows just a black screen and nothing else. Here are some of the most common causes of the issue.

  1. You tried to connect to a remote computer with no monitor connected.
  2. Your connection is not established correctly due to a network restriction or error.
  3. Your Teamviewer service is not running correctly or some other programs conflicting it.
  4. You are running a very old Teamviewer version which has some bugs.
  5. You/the remote computer uses an extra remote desktop application running on the background.

To solve the black screen problem in Teamviewer, you can do any one of the following things.

  • Simply restart the Teamviewer including its service from the Task manager.
  • Restart your PC to solve any application conflicts.
  • Check if you are running the latest version of the Teamviewer, if not, update it.
  • Check if there is any other remote desktop applications running either on your PC or the remote computer. If so, close it.
  • Check your internet connection for reliability and speed.