You Established and Aborted Connections too Frequently Teamviewer, How to Fix it?

I have been using Teamviewer for a while now. But today, when I tried to access my friend’s PC remotely through Teamviewer, it outputted this error.

you established and aborted connections too frequently please wait a little while

But I waited for long enough like 15 mins or 30+ mins sometimes. But still, the same error is showing up. Can anyone tell me how to solve this issue and connect to my friend’s PC remotely using Teamviewer?

You just have to use a VPN service and try as you are from a different location. It works most of the times. Also, if you are clicking the “Connet to Partner” button too quickly one after other, Teamviewer might block the connection for a little while. So, do not attempt to continuously connect.


Thanks for the reply @LakshmiPrasanna. Is there any free VPN services that you recommend and I can use for this purpose?

You can use any VPN services that offer a free trial or something. Most of the VPN services provide their services as a trial with some limitations. For this purpose, such services are enough. However, if you still need some recommendations, you can go with some services like Speedify, Tunnelbear, Windscribe, etc.

Great. Thanks for the help. I used the Speedify and it worked like a charm. :slight_smile: