Which protagonist's ability is the best?

Let’s have some fun discussing the special ability of the 3 protagonists in GTA 5. What special ability do you think is the best? For those who don’t know here are all the abilities of each character(activated by Caps Lock):

Franklin can slow down time while driving.

Michael has the ability to slow down time during gunfights.

Trevor enters rage mode where he deals double damage while making himself quite invulnerable.

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Haha, I would say that Trevor’s ability is definitely the most powerful but Michael and Franklin’s abilities are sure useful in certain situations.

Apart from the convenience of Trevor’s ability, I use Fraklin’s ability the most, to be honest, I hate the road layout of a few areas near the mountains(can’t remember the name), so I always use his ability there. Still, I do not like the concept of special abilities in a GTA game! Aren’t cheats more than enough?

Michael’s ability is the best for me! It’s just like the one in Max Payne 3. I like taking out the enemies with a perfect headshot as much as possible.

You can use those abilities anytime in the game? Lol, I thought it was reserved for some points in the story campaign. I guess Trevor’s ability would be fun to use. I’ll try them all today, thanks!

In a way, I agree with you all. Trevor really does have the most offensive ability of all three. I’m sure any person who has played GTA 5 would agree that it suits his personality and behavior perfectly. As for Michael, his ability to slow time can be used both, offensively or defensively. Perhaps the developers did this to depict his middle-aged life, where he can’t do stuff as fast as he used to. Maybe that’s why his ability slows time while shooting to give him more breathing space. His ability is great to use when you are in a pinch during shootouts. Franklin loves cars, so I guess it would be best that he has an ability that helps him enjoy driving them to the fullest. His ability is sure handy in car chases, especially after those daring heists when the police right behind you.