Which is the Best Hosting?

I want to transfer my hosting account from Bluehost to any other good hosting service provided. The main reason is that the Bluehost servers are not capable of managing high-traffic and goes down more often. Their service is also not good. So, can anyone recommend some reliable hosting service providers that you have personal experience? Looking forward to your answers.

It depends on your needs. But there are few hosting services which I tried and got amazing results. They are,

  • Siteground - Their support is the best
  • WP Engine - Great speed and reliability (only go for it if you can afford the plans)
  • Digital Ocean - The cheapest cloud hosting with the best service (but no live chat support)

Still it depends on your needs to select the best hosting service. For VPS WP Engine is good, for WordPress and Shared hosting Siteground is the best, for Cloud hosting, you can go with DO.

If you need a dedicated server, it doesn’t matter much. Because, most of the services will provide you reliable and fast servers. However, you can still choose some good options like Linode.

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Adrian Gates
Sr. Business Head

Hello! You can try NameCheap hosting if you dont need much storage. I used it for a long time. SSD storage with unlimited Bandwidth. If you need unlimited storage you can try HawkHost.