When FIFA 20 come out?

Does anyone know the release date of the FIFA 20 game??

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I am not sure about the correct date. However like any previous release dates, it’s probably going to happen on Spetember 2019. You can follow their blog or this threat to know the exact release date after few months.

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FIFA 20 release date is expected to be on September 27, 2019 . The game is expected to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Windows and Nintendo Switch platforms.


Don’t buy that. The scripting is extremely intense that you cannot even enjoy the game anymore. People with a lot of coins will run upto you with a deadly squad and score 30 yard goals making the goalkeeper look like a complete fool. So, better wait for another FIFA (probably not going to work) that is atleast a bit better. Yes, as always, the graphics is great, the player movements are fine, but the gameplay is complete trash. Won’t recommend spending more than $60 for this game.