What Happens when a WhatsApp account is Deleted?

So, either you just want to make sure that all your data will be removed upon deactivating a WhatsApp account, Or just want to relive yourself if you accidentally deleted your profile, these are the things that happens when you delete a WhatsApp account.

  • The WhatsApp account will not be deleted immediately and your friends can still see you.
  • Your friends can still send you messages which will be put in a pending state. So, upon reactivation, all those messages will be delivered to you. Remember, this is only possible for 30-days from the account deletion.
  • If you didn’t reactivate your WhatsApp account within the 30 days after the deleting, your account will be permanently removed and it is not reversible.
  • After the 30 days of deleting the WhatsApp account, any of your friends will not be able to send you messages.