What are the Best SEO Tools you Guys Using?

Hello friends, I am new to this SEO kind of stuff. So, I want to know which tools are you guys using for the SEO purposes.

I am using this site https://keywordtool.io/ and i guess it is the best keyword planner for SEO. Moreover you can look for what people are searching for on various platforms and also it is FREE.

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The tools differs based on your requirements. However, these are the most popular tools in the SEO world.

  1. SEMRush - Keyword Research
  2. Ahrefs - Backlink Check
  3. Google Keyword Planner - Keyword Research
  4. BuzzSumo - Check Social Media Stats
  5. Spyfu - Competitor Analysis

I use only AHREF . Its BEST in the world and was also using semrush.

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