Tips for the major boss fights in Leon and Claire's story

I hate Resident Evil boss fights, I get jumpy with single zombies but boss fights are literally traumatic for me! Any tips/tricks for the major boss fights in Leon and Claire’s story?

First thing, spoiler alert! You will be encountering Mr.X a lot, it’s best to run and hide from him for the most part of the game because you can’t kill him till the very end. If you managed to get yourself cornered you should shoot him on the head (or heart if it is visible), a single grenade is enough to stun him but try to save it for other monsters, if possible.

At the end of Leon’s story, you will fight a mutated and stronger version of Mr.X. A surprising thing is, you don’t “have” to shoot him because after a couple of minutes Ada will give you a rocket launcher to blow that sucker sky high. Of course, emptying your magazines one that creep is way more satisfying. One more trick is to stand on his left side as he attacks mostly with his right hand. If I remember correctly, his one attack is super strong, when he will try to do that, Leon will say something like “Oh no” or “Uh oh”, in that case immediately try to stun him.

As for Clarie’s boss fight with William (4th from) you don’t actually need to waste your ammo when he starts crawling (after you have damaged him enough). He will automatically die in a minute or two after that. Just try to avoid him as he crawls. You could also do this whole boss fight with a lot of knives and healing items but I guess that’s for more veteran players.