Teamviewer not ready check your connection

Whenever I try to connect to my partner using Teamviewer, it shows the error Teamviewer not ready check your connection with a red dot near. Usually, it shows in green and something that says it is ready to connect to the partner. However, for the last few hours, it’s been in the red color. I cannot connect to my partner. How can I fix the issue?

Not ready. Check your connection is a common error many Teamviewer users have reported. In most of these scenarios, it is just a problem caused by your internet connection or the Teamviewer application. You can easily fix that by restarting the Teamviewer service and your modem/router. If the problem didn’t get resolved by that, you can try the following fixes.

  • Update Teamviewer to the latest version
  • Try reinstalling the software from scratch
  • Just restart your computer
  • Flush DNS

If you are still not able to fix the problem, you can contact the Teamviewer support. They will help you.