Suggest Resident Evil 2 Game Settings

I don’t usually play horror games, but I got Resident Evil 2 as a gift. Can anyone suggest some settings in the game that will help me ease into the genre?

Lucky you! Resident Evil 2 is an amazing game! Good thing you asked for settings to make the game easier because it can be a nightmare for new players. So you don’t have to tweak a hundred different settings, all you need to do is to enable the “Assisted mode”. This is a difficulty setting below the standard/normal difficulty level of the game. In Assisted mode, the AI will automatically make you aim at the enemy’s head (assisted aim), the amount of damage from enemies is decreased while yours to them is increased. You also find more ammo lying around and regenerate health when you take a cover (from danger status to caution). I remember getting an option to switch to assisted mode whenever I got killed by Mr.X and other bosses.