SEO Tip: Do not Ignore Alt Tags

As a blogger for the recent years, I have learnt a lot of things. This is one of them. NEVER Ignore the Alt tags in images. In my beginning days, I was too lazy to put Alt text for each and every image. But it was a big mistake.

I have experimented so many things. Alt tags play a big role in the ranking of the articles. Apart from that, it can be in good positions as well. Which means, you can get visitors from that single image. If your image is ranking well for a search term and some other bloggers or website owners find it and use on their blog, you will surely get a credit link to your website.

So many authority websites linked to my blog just by crediting me. So, always try to rank your images as you are trying to rank your articles. Alt tag plays a major role in this. Also share your thoughts on this. :thinking:

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I agree with you. Alt tags are very important in SEO.

Good share. I am also using Alt tags on each and every one of my images.

Anymore thoughts on this?

Yes, I agree with you. Alt tags should not be missed.

Yes. I too take care of the alt tags very well. They can do wonders sometimes. So I never miss them on my images.

ALT tag is a very small important part of our websites. We should constantly check and don’t forget to add ALT to every image. This tells google about what a website is showing and will help to index and get higher rank in SERP.

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