Paypal bank verification how long?


(Ruyo fazif) #1

I just setup my PayPal account. I want to know how long does it take PayPal to send amount to my bank account. Someone help please.

(Lakshmi Prasanna) #2

It can take anywhere from 2-7 business days. However, in most of the cases, a random amount will be deposited to your bank account within 3 days of adding the bank account on your PayPal account. If it takes more than 7 days, probably, PayPal faced some problems in sending the amount to your bank account. In this case, you could contact the PayPal support for more details.

(Ruyo fazif) #3

Ok. I just added my bank account so, I should wait I guess.

(Lakshmi Prasanna) #4

Yes, that is correct. :slight_smile: