My WordPress site's Backend is Broken

My WordPress site was working fine until yesterday. But today when I woke up and tried to access the wp-admin area of my website, it is just showing a blank screen. Is there any way I can fix this? Please help me.

What is the exact problem? Could you clarify it?

The problem is unknown. All I can see is a blank grey screen with nothing in it. I tried to contact the hosting provider, but they are not replying. So, please help me. :cry:

Don’t worry, it looks like a WordPress installation issue. Recently, did you install any new plugins or themes? or made any changes to the files or WordPress?

No, I haven’t the last time I installed a plugin was around 3 months ago and I didn’t make any changes.

Ok. In that case, try reinstalling your WordPress. I recommend to take a backup before reinstalling.

Ok. I will reinstall the WordPress. Could you provide me any trusted guides to do that without any problems?

You can follow this guide from WPBeginner.

Reinstalling the WordPress fixed the issue. Thanks for your help.