Keyboard Shortcuts

Forum Bap provides a number of keyboard shortcuts users can use to easily navigate through the website, access features, control the functions, perform actions, bookmark topics, etc. Keyboard shortcuts can greatly enhance the usability of our platform.

Unlike the traditional method of binding keys with the plus sign (+), most of our keyboard shortcuts use the comma (,). But of course, it depends on a specific function or feature. So, carefully look at the character mentioned between the keys. If it is a comma, you just have to press the keys in order without anything in between. If it is a “+” character, you will have to hold down the first key and press the second one.

Jump To

These keyboard shortcuts are used to jump to different sections on our website. For example, if you want to go to the homepage, all you have to do is pressing the keys g and h one after the other.

  • g,hHome
  • g,lLatest
  • g,nNew
  • g,uUnread
  • g,cCategories
  • g,tTop
  • g,bBookmarks
  • g,pProfile
  • g,mMessages
  • g,dDrafts
  • g,jNext Topic
  • g,kPrevious Topic


Navigation shortcuts are designed to let you navigate through Forum Bap without having to use your mouse. For example, you can simply go back to the previous page by pressing u on your keyboard.

  • uBack
  • #Go to post #
  • k/jMove selection ↑ ↓
  • oorEnterOpen selected topic
  • Shift+j/Shift+kNext/previous section
  • Shift+lGo to the first unread post


Application-specific shortcuts are made to make it easier to access the features of our forum software. For example, you can access the menu by just pressing the = sign on your keyboard.

  • =Open hamburger menu
  • pOpen user menu
  • .Show updated topics
  • /orCtrl+Alt+fSearch
  • ?Open keyboard help
  • x,rDismiss New/Posts
  • x,tDismiss Topics
  • Shift+zShift+zLog Out


Composing shortcuts allow you to easily create, manage, and reply to topics on our forum. For example, you can simply press Shift+c to return to the composer to compose topics.

  • Shift+cReturn to composer
  • Shift+F11Fullscreen composer
  • cCreate a new topic
  • tReply as linked topic
  • Shift+rReply to topic
  • rReply to post
  • qQuote post


Bookmarking topics can be a vital part if you want to save posts or parts of the discussion. Here are the bookmarking shortcuts you can use on our website.

  • EnterSave and close
  • l,tLater today
  • l,wLater this week
  • n,dTomorrow
  • n,wNext week
  • n,b,wStart of next week
  • n,b,dNext business day
  • c,rCustom date and time
  • n,rNo reminder
  • d,dDelete bookmark


Our forum allows you to take certain actions using the keyboard shortcuts. For example, if you want to like a post, all you have to do is pressing the l button on your keyboard.

  • fToggle bookmark topic
  • Shift+pPin/Unpin topic
  • Shift+sShare topic
  • sShare post
  • lLike post
  • !Flag post
  • bBookmark post
  • eEdit post
  • dDelete post
  • m,mMute topic
  • m,rRegular (default) topic
  • m,tTrack topic
  • m,wWatch topic
  • Shift+uDefer topic
  • Ctrl+pPrint topic
  • Shift+aOpen topic admin actions

Search Menu

We have a feature-rich search functionality on our forum. You can perform the following actions on our search menu using your keyboard.

  • /Move selection up and down
  • aInsert selection into open composer