Is Google Analytics safe to install on my website?

I recently started a blog. I want to know if it is safe to install the Google Analytics script on my website. As it is an E-commerce website, we might store user information in our database. So is it safe to use Google Analytics script on my website? Does anyone have experience with this service?

Google analytics is a completely safe tool to measure your website traffic. It is used by millions of webmasters all over the globe and provided by a well reputed company like Google. So it will be almost impossible for them to trick millions of people all at once.

Apart from that, personally I have been using Google analytics on almost all of my websites. The script provided by them is completely safe to use and will not have access to any of your database information. I would encourage you to read their privacy policy and related documents which will give you a great idea about how they collect information and what information they collect.