How to Start an SSH Session with SSH Keys in PuTTY?

  1. Open the PuTTY.exe file.
  2. In Hostname (or IP address) filed, paste the IP address of your server.
  3. Leave the Port field as it is (22)
  4. On the left side go to Data section under Connection.
  5. In the Auto-Login username field, enter root (if you didn’t change it.)
  6. Now again in the left side, click on the Auth under theSSH section.
  7. Click on Browse button next to the Private key file for authentication section.
  8. Browse the private key that you generated.
  9. After finding it, click on it and click the Open button.
  10. Now, again click on the Session section on the left side.
  11. Now save the session by giving a name to the session under the Saved sessions section and clicking on the Save button.
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Is the port the same for all the hosting providers? Because I am having trouble connecting to my Siteground account via PuTTY.

I am guessing that the port for Sitegoround SSH is 18765.