How to Register a New Domain in

So, you want to register a new domain in, right? Here are the steps that you should follow to do this.

This is for those who purchased premium plan and want to assign a standalone domain to their blog.

Register a new domain in

  1. Go to the WordPress Domain addition page.
  2. If asked, choose the blog that you wish to add the domain to.
  3. In the search box, enter the domain name that you wish to register.
  4. If the chosen domain is available to register, it will show up below the search in with a green box.
  5. If it is available, Click Add, if not, choose another domain name.
  6. In the next screen, choose if you’d like to add an email address to the domain.
  7. It is the time to fill all the necessary information for the domain registration.
  8. Choose if you’d like to make the contact information of the domain to be public or private. We recommend choosing the Public option for some SEO purposes.
  9. Make the payment.
  10. Update your newly purchased domain to be the primary domain used. You can do that in the Domain Manager page.