How to Improve Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank is not important in the ranking of a website. However, it does have importance in the eyes of advertisers and other users in assessing the quality and popularity of a website.

I repeat again, there are no direct relation between the ranking of a website and Alexa rank. But having a good alexa rank will help you to build a trust among the users.

So, it is the time to look into the methods to improve Alexa rank of a website. I listed some of the most effective methods among them. Have a look.

Install Alexa Toolbar

Alexa Toolbar is a tool by alexa which collects the user information and use it to assign the Alexa rank of the website. Even if the Alexa rank will work without a toolbar, as per the experts, it significantly improve the Alexa rank of a website. So, if you didn’t already installed the Alexa toolbar, do it now.

Regulerly Update your Website

Updating the website on a regular basis may/may not have impact on your website. But from the reports, Alexa does look at the update frequency of a website to calculate the Alexa rank. So, it is good to update your website more often to improve Alexa rank.

Add Alexa Rank Widget to your Website

I do not have any proof on this. However, as per some experts, it is good to add Alexa rank widget to your website. As per their experience, it had a little impact on the Alexa ranking.

Certify your Website Metrics

Alexa allows the users to certify the Alexa metrics. Which means, you will receive an exact Alexa ranking of your website based on the real traffic you receive. So, none of your traffic will be waste towards the Alexa rank calculation.

I only recommend this if you have a high amount of traffic to your website. Otherwise, it can significantly reduce the Alexa rank if the algorithm speculated your traffic higher in the past. The good news is that, the certified metrics can be made hidden at any time you need.

Get Traffic from those who Installed Alexa Toolbar

Like already mentioned, Alexa toolbar does play a significant role in sending the traffic stats to the Alexa algorithm. So, if you can get more people with alexa toolbar installed to visit your website, you can improve your Alexa ranking significantly. This has been personally tested by me and it does work. If you don’t believe me, just compare the Alexa ranking of an SEO blog, and a Food website by assessing their traffic.

The reason for this is, most of the bloggers, webmaster, and SEO experts will have Alexa toolbar installed. They are more likely to visit the SEO kind of websites to widen their knowledge. So, naturally, that website will get more Alexa toolbar traffic which result in a better Alexa ranking.

Improve your Traffic

The best way to improve your Alexa rank is to improve your traffic. Yes, If you can improve the traffic of your website, it can result in a better earning as well as natural Alexa rank improvement. So, just keep working hard, produce high-quality content, and improve your site traffic. It will improve your Alexa rank drastically over time.

The bitter truth is that it is very easy to manipulate Alexa rank by driving some fake traffic. Even if the alexa algorithm is quite good in finding such issues, it still isn’t that perfect. I DO NOT RECOMMEND trying this as it can hurt your website and the services like AdSense.


There is no better way than getting genuine traffic to improve Alexa rank. Every other shortcuts like driving some bot traffic is temporary. When Alexa improve their algorithm even better, those rankings will drop instantly. Thanks for the valuable information by the way @LakshmiPrasanna.

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I agree with @William. However, most of the information shared by @LakshmiPrasanna is true. In my personal experience, they work quite well in improving Alexa.