How to get work in Freelancer?

I am a new freelancer who signed up for a freelancer account recently. I have been trying to get a project from a client in Freelancer. Till now, I am unable to find anyone who is willing to give me the job. If anyone here has experience in getting jobs from the Freelancer platform, can you help me to get some jobs as well?

Getting work from Freelancer is quite tricky. Even though you are extremely qualified for the project, there is always someone who could write better bid descriptions that you do. So, it’s mostly about the qualifications, your profile, skills, and ofcourse the first impression you make using your bid description. So, always keep your profile filled with your best works and skills. Make your bid description short, crisp, and catchy. Also try to get jobs from the less-competitive categories even though the pricing is a bit low compared to other projects. Start slow, build your profile and make your empire. Rome wasn’t built in a day.