How to describe bid in Freelancer in a better way?

I want to know the best methods you follow to get a bid approved by the client. What things you put in the bid description?

Before writing a bid, make sure that you

  1. Read the complete proposal.
  2. Understood the project requirements.
  3. Sure that you are capable of completing it.
  4. Checked the client’s history to avoid getting cheated.
  5. Can complete the project within the budget.

How to write a perfect bid on Freelancer

Now, let’s get into writing a perfect bid for your client to accept your bid. Even if you have a bit less qualification than the competing freelancers, if your bid looks promising and if it is catchy, the chance of getting the job is very high. So, make sure that you write the perfect bid for the employer taking your time to prepare it.

Make it short

No one likes to read an entire essay of the bid describing everything in it. All they need is a short and crisp bid that explains the proposal and shows the employer that you are capable of doing the job. So, always make your bids short and crisp.

Make it professional

Your bid should sound professional. Don’t include anything like “please give me the project” or anything like that. Just because you asked, no one is going to assign you the project. Instead, you can still ask for the project in a professional way by noting something like “if you assign me the project, I will provide you with the best content” All they look into are factors such as your skills and previous experience.

Example Bid

Here is a bid as an example in case you wonder, what a perfect Freelancer bid is.

Hi Jake, I will write highly professional, well-researched, unique content meeting all your requirements. I am a writer with 8 years of experience in various fields. In the technical field, I have worked with several clients providing them excellent pieces of work created compiling images, videos, references and everything to make it top notch. Please have a look at some of my recent works in my Freelancer profile:

I am confident that I can deliver the project within the timeline and the budget following all your instructions. If you assign me the project, I will ensure that you get the best piece of content with professional quality. We can discuss the details further if you are satisfied with my portfolio. Thanks.