How to create Milestone in Freelancer?

I created a project on Freelancer (which is quite big and long-term). Now, I realized that creating milestones of 10 articles will be easier for me to make payments every week. I am new to Freelancer and doesn’t know how to create Milestones and anything about it. Can you tell me how to create a Milestone and any other things I should take care of?

You can create a milestone on Freelancer by following these steps.

  1. Log in to Freelancer.
  2. Click My Projects.
  3. Click on your Project.
  4. Go to Payments tab.
  5. Click Create Milestone.
  6. Input the amount of the milestone payment and the task you need the freelancer to do for that amount.
  7. Click Create Milestone.
  8. Make the payment.

The money will be held by Freelancer website and you will be able to release the funds once the milestone has been completed. It won’t reach the freelancer until then.

Is there any limit for creating the milestones? I mean, the amount?

No, there are no limits for the amount I guess. As long as you have the balance to create milestone, you are good to go.

OK. Cool. Thanks for the answer.