How to Create a WhatsApp Account?

Here is how you can create a WhatsApp account

  1. Download WhatsApp app from your device.
  2. Install it whether on your smartphone or PC.
  3. Open the WhatsApp and it will ask for your mobile number. Also be sure to accept the terms and conditions if asked.
  4. Insert your mobile number in the appropriate area.
  5. Wait for a while in order for the WhatsApp to identify your mobile number. Please note that if you already own a WhatsApp account with the same number, you will not be able to create a new one.
  6. The app will automatically sync your contacts stored on your phone and fetch them to the contacts list inside WhatsApp.
  7. Choose a name for you on WhatsApp.
  8. That’s it, you’ve successfully created a new WhatsApp account.

Each one of your contacts may not show up in WhatsApp. WhatsApp will only add the number to your list if the mobile number is registered with WhatsApp. Like that, every time you add a new number to your contact list, you have to restart WhatsApp in order to get it added to your WhatsApp application.