How to cancel membership in Freelancer?

I’ve been a Freelancer for a while on Upwork. Recently I joined Freelancer. It was a terrible experience and faced a couple of cheatings. So, I want to cancel my Freelancer membership. Does anyone know how can I do that?

Before cancelling the Freelance membership plan, be aware that you won’t get any money backs. For example: if you already paid for the membership until 15th next month and you are cancelling it on 25th this month, the subscription will stay active until the 15th of the next month. So, make sure to use the plan until it expires.

To cancel the Freelancer membership:

  1. Login to Freelancer.
  2. Click the profile picture at the top right corner of your Freelancer Dashboard.
  3. Click on Settings Settings .
  4. Go to the Membership tab.
  5. Click Cancel button under the membership.
  6. Confirm the cancellation by clicking Cancel Membership.
  7. Provide a feedback on why you are cancelling your subscription.
  8. Finally, click Cancel Membership.

Oh! I was expecting a cashback when I cancel the subscription. Hmm… Whatever. If I cancel the premium plan does it mean they will close my Freelancer account? I have some amounts in it left.

No. It just mean that, you will no longer be a Premium member as soon as the subscription expires. You will be able to withdraw money even after you cancel the premium subscription. But you won’t get any premium features such as higher number of bids, priorities, etc.

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OK. Thanks for your help. That was very helpful. :slight_smile: