How to Add WinRAR to Right Click Menu?

I want to add WinRar to the right-click menu of my Windows computer so that I can easily extract the files and compress them. Usually, by default, it will be there. I know about that. But in my case, I am not seeing it there. Can anyone tell me the reason for that? What should I do?

By default, upon installation, the WinRar features will be added to the context menu of your Windows. If you cannot find it there, it means there are some issues with your installation. You can try reinstalling the application once again.

I already tried uninstalling WinRar. Installed it again. Still there is nothing related to WinRar showing up in the right-click menu.

In that case, you can try the following steps.

  1. Open WinRar.
  2. Click on Options in the menu.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Navigate to Integration Tab.
  5. Check the box Integrate WinRAR into shell.

If it’s already selected make uncheck it and click OK, then again, check it and click OK.

  1. Click OK to save the changes.

Now see, if the WinRar items are showing up in the right-click menu.

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Thank you. That worked.