How to Add a Domain to Hostgator?

  1. Login to your cPanel from cPanel or directly with your hosting account.
  2. Click Addon Domains under Domains section.
  3. Now, the screen to create an addon domain will open up. Fill the details as follows,
    • New Domain Name: The domain name (
    • Subdomain/FTP Username: Will be automatically filled, leave it as it is unless you specifically want to change it.
    • Document Root: It also filled automatically. I recommend to leave it as it is.
    • Password: Enter a strong password for the domain.
    • Password (Again): Retype the password.
    • Strength (why?): Nothing fill here, it is just the strength of your password. More strong the password, that better.
  4. Click Add Domain button.
  5. A success message saying "The addon domain “” has been created will be displayed.