How much does a TeamViewer license cost?

I want to purchase Teamviewer premium version. The free version keeps logging me out saying that it is not for business use or something. I am using it for personal use. But the error is not going away. So, I finally decided to purchase a premium version of the software. So that I can get rid of this message and keep using the screen sharing without issues.

How much a premium license of Teamviewer cost? Also please share your thoughts on the premium version. Does it worth the money?

As of 2021 February, the Teamviewer premium license costs are as follows.

There are three different plans available to purchase.

  • Single User - $20 per month
  • Multi User - $42 per month
  • For Teams - $90 per month
  • Custom Plans - Pricing varies

The prices are just an estimate. It might vary over time.

All these plans include the features such as:

  • Access & Control Computers Remotely
  • Secure Unattended Access
  • Remote printing for Mac & Windows on any printer
  • File Sharing
  • Cross platform access
  • etc.

The main difference here is the

  • Managed Devices - up to 200, 300, and 500 respectively
  • Licensed users - 1, 15, and 13 respectively
  • Number of meeting participants - 5, 15, and 25 respectively

And a couple of other features that are specific to only certain plans. You can find out more about it on their purchase page here.