How many Visitors are Needed to get under 100K Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank is an important quality metric atleast in the eyes of some advertisers. So, how to improve it? How much visitors you need to get under 100K Alexa?

Well, to answer quickly, It depends on the traffic you receive from the Alexa toolbar installed browsers as well as the regular users.

I did a through research about it on my websites as well as my blogger friends. So, from my findings, for a website with around 1500-2000 unique visitors per day can easily get an Alexa rank of under 100,000. This is only for the tech websites. If your website is in any other niche like Food, Sports, etc. you will need a little more traffic to get under 100K line.

Like already mentioned, the Alexa ranking depends on the Alexa toolbar traffic as well. Most of the tech websites will have atleast a few Alexa toolbar visits. That’s why it is easier for them to get better Alexa rank than other niches.

Here are the results on my research.

  • General Tech Websites - 1500-2000 Unique Visitors/day
  • SEO, Blogging Related Websites - 500-750/day
  • Other Niches - 2500 or more.
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I got 2300 unique visitors a day and my alexa rank is 101k now
My website niche is programming.