How many Backlinks you Need to Rank your Website?

Backlinks are one of the most important search engine ranking factors. The more high-quality (yes) backlinks you have, the more chance your website have to outrank the competitors.

So, is there any measure for the backlinks you need to rank your website? There is not. There are no specific number of links that you need to outrank your competitors. It all depends on the quality of the backlinks you make, the relevancy of the backlinks to the topic, and plenty other factors.

So what should you do to outrank the competition?

Now, I just said that there are no specific number of backlinks to rank your website. So, how should you outrank the competition? Just keep building backlinks from highly relevant and high-quality websites. Then give it some time to rank.

The best thing about backlinks is that, you do not need to build them. If you have some valuable content, they will come towards you. :wink: