How freelancing works?

I’m new to freelancing career, I’m just curious to know how it works.


Freelancing works like, an Employer posts a project on a freelancing website and a Freelancer accepts it and do the job. This is the short answer to your question.

But as this is the Freelancer Forum, I am answering the question specifically for the freelancer platform.

  1. On Freelancer, an Employer creates a Project.
  2. As a Freelancer, you can bid on his project along with several other freelancers.
  3. The employer then goes through all the bids and choose a perfect freelancer for his project based on your Bid amount, Reviews, Exams you have passed, etc.
  4. Then, the employer award the project to his preferred freelancer.
  5. As soon as the project is awarded, you can start working on the project along with the features like Milestone payments.
  6. After the project is completed, the amount will be paid to your Freelancer account.
  7. Then you can withdraw it to your bank account or other payment modes supported in your country.

Note: If you are a freelancer, aware that there will be a 10% fee that is taken by the Freelancer platform.