How do I install TeamViewer for free?

I want to know if I can use Teamviewer for Free. Can you tell me? Is it possible to use this software without premium?

Teamviewer is a free software for personal use. As long as you are using the software for free, you will have access to its free features. You only need premium if you need features that are specifically available only on the premium version, or you are using it for business purposes.

@LakshmiPrasanna I am receiving some messages saying that the software is not for commercial use. It disconnects me from the other computer quite often. But I am using it completely for the personal use only. Do you know why it happens?

@willisba If you are not using it for commercial purposes, you just have to restart the program and try to connect again. Their detection system is not very accurate. I also experience this issue once in a while for some reason. But as soon as I restart the program, it goes away.