How do I enable xml-rpc on Wordpress installed with One-Click WordPress application?

I just installed WordPress on a Digital Ocean droplet with the one-click installation. Everything was perfect until I tried connecting the website with the WordPress Android App. It says that the XML-RPC which is essential to connect to the app is missing. So, I want to enable it on my website so that I could connect to the app. How can I enable XML-RPC on Digital Ocean?

Digital Ocean has something called xml-rpc.php block which blocks the usage of the file on the WordPress websites on Digital Ocean. This comes by default with the one-click WordPress installation. To disable the block, login to your droplet via SSH and run the following commands.

a2disconf block-xmlrpc
systemctl reload apache2

This should resolve your issue and enable XML-RPC on your server.


Thank you for your help, I was able to resolve the issue using the above command. Much appreciated. :blush: