Horror games like Resident Evil 8

Woah, I just completed Resident Evil 8, to be honest, there were not that many jump scares but the game maintains that tension throughout. Does someone know horror games like Resident Evil, it would be better if they were scarier! After Resident Evil 7 & 8I just fell in love with horror games.

Well some of the best horror games I have played are the Silent Hill series, Alien Isolation, and Resident Evil 2. I was too scared to finish Outlast 2 but if you are a hardcore horror game fan you would love it.

Trust me, dude, Outlast series is freakishly haunting! The scares in Resident Evil 7 & 8 combined are not nearly as enough as in Outlast. There are absolutely no weapons. All you have is a camera with night vision to look around in the dark. If you encounter a monster you can only run and hide.