Does Long Content Really Work?

Content length is always one of the most discussed search engine ranking factors (atleast among few of us.) Many of my clients have been asking me about the length of the content they should write for their blogs to rank them higher in the search engines, especially Google. So, today we are going to take a deeper look into the content length and the ranking in Google.

Does content length really matter?

Actually it does. But as per Google, all you have to do is to make sure that the visitor fullfills his search query. For example, when a user enters your website after searching “how to create a blog,” he/she should be able to create a blog successfully by following your article.

OK. But I can write the content in a short and sweet way by just giving the steps and make the article around 1000 words long.

That’s great. But if somebody else made another high-quality content with 10000 words and included each and every information the visitor needs, probably you are not going to outrank that website (without strong backlinks and other stuff.)

So, the point to note here, you can rank with small and high-quality content. But only if your competitors are not writing extremely described and high-quality articles on the other side.

Note: Just writing high-quality, long content doesn’t mean that you will rule the first page of Google. There are a ton of other ranking factors. Content quality is just one of them.

So what should you do?

Just write high-quality, long, well described content by analyzing your competitors. From my experience, content length has a great role in the search engine ranking. However, I do not recommend writing an entire essay without considering the users. Make it easier for the users to find out the steps (if it is an how-to guide) or the most important parts of the content quite easily.

No one is going to read an entire article to find out what they need.

So, you should keep write your content for the users as well as search engines. Makes use of the Headlines, Sub-headings, Bullets, Numbered lists, Images, Videos, and whatever it takes to make your web-page extremely useful.

The rule is very simple. If you write high-quality content

  • Users will love it, they will stay on your page for long, your bounce rate will reduce.
  • They will not go back and click on another result, search engines will think your content in relevant
  • They will share your content, many other users will find it and reach your website
  • Other websites will find it useful and link to your content, your article rank will go up

It is simple as that.

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As much as I know, long content still matters. Not directly though. It’s all depending on how in-depth the content of your competitor is, and how well they have written it. If you can meet a better content long enough covering all the criteria by including media to engage users, yes, I would prefer Long articles instead of short ones.

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I Agree with you. The length of the content is an indirect thing many things involved.