Any tips to advertise my products properly?

I am new to advertising. Not very experienced in any of its aspects. I am running a business based on eCommerce. Mostly dropshipping. Does anyone here have any experience in such a business? If so, what are the pitfalls and tips you want to make me aware of. Any help is much appreciated.

The most important thing that I have to tell whenever anyone try to promote any of their products is to make sure that the product has enough quality to attract customers. If you have a crappy product, no one is going to buy it. Except when you treat them with some bad marketing tactics. And they are never going to get back to to your company ever again.

So always make sure that you concentrated enough on the quality of your products or services in order to ensure that people will actually purchase them. Once you make sure of that, you can continue with advertising them with almost any techniques. If just one user is satisfied with your product, it is more likely that he is going to return to it once again.

So the most important recommendation I have is to make sure that the customer always returns. It is way better than having customers just using your services once in their lifetime and never comes back.