Amazon Echo Dot not responding to "Stop" command

I’ve recently bot an Echo dot powered by Alexa from Amazon. Everything was working perfectly for a couple of days until I suddenly came across an issue. It is not responding to the Stop command. I’ve tried several other commands such as Pause, Shut Up, even Shut the f*ck up as seen on other support forums and articles.

However, I am still not able to resolve the issue and the device doesn’t shut up while playing music. It does respond to some questions while playing music. But as soon as Alexa answered the question the music will resume. It is not stopping. Can anyone provide me a solution for this issue?

I’ve to restart the device every time to get it working back to the normal state.

Please note that, this happens only once in a while and not every time. But if the issue starts happening, I will have to disconnect the power and reconnect to resolve the issue.

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This is a known issue to several Alexa enabled devices. The exact reason for the issue is not unknown. As per my research, several users have reported the same issue in a lot of forums. As much as I understood the issue is somewhat related to the Bluetooth (It may not be correct). So, let’s wait someone to reply.